We demonstrate Christ living in us in ways that will lead people to Love God through authentic worship, to Grow Together spiritually and relationally, and to Serve Others joyfully for His glory.

We Value Love for God, expressed through:

  • Word, thought, and action to bring glory to Him

  • Inspiring and authentic worship

  • Unity of Spirit within the Body of Christ

We Value Love for Others, expressed through:

  • Word, thought, and action to all people created in Christ’s image

  • Intentionally living an out-ward focused life, sharing the love of God throughout our community

  • Actively taking the Good News of Christ throughout the world

We Value God’s Inspired Truth, expressed through:

  • Preaching and teaching the Word of God in a theologically sound, culturally relevant, clear and age-appropriate fashion

  • Small Groups where life change and Christian community happen best

  • Holy Spirit led conviction on how to live

We Value Life Transformation in Christ-followers, expressed through:

  • Developing Christ-followers through intentional disciple-making processes that will take them from new life in Christ to spiritual maturity

  • Intentional leadership development and the exercise of spiritual gifts.

  • Giving our precious resources of time, talent, & treasures, to fulfill God’s vision for His church